Mary McIntosh - Textile Artist
Mary McIntosh - Textile Artist

Some of my more recent work


The Tipsy Stitcher 2015

Black linen wholecloth discharged with household bleach. 30" x 48"   £250


In My Garden 2014

 All the plants which grow in my garden, including the weeds. White wholecloth, rollered background, stamped and stitched 24" x 48"   £250


Suffolk Hedgerow 2014

Plants, and other things, found in the hedgerow near my home. SOLD


Copperplate Triptych  2015

 Black linen wholecoth, discharged, applique, stitched and burnt.  £250 each or £600 for the set


Summer Flurries 2015

 White wholecloth, screenprinted, applique, stitched. £250


The Woodlanders 2013

White wholecloth, screenprinted, applique, stitch. £250


Under the Greenwood Tree 2015

Shrivel Up and Dye panels, dyed linen, sheers, stitched and burnt. £250


Sweet Diamonds 


A piece made for the Essex and Suffolk Quilters Diamond Jubilee challange. Cellophane wrappers, sheers and felt. Stitched and burnt. 18" x 24" £100



A mixed media piece on canvas made for the first ever Tin Hut Textiles exhibition in June 2012. Metal, paper, sheers, found objects, stitched and burnt. Machine and hand stitching. 18" x 24" £100

Blueberry Bright. A piece which began as a teaching sample.Made from layered sheers, stitched and burnt with added hand stitching and beads. Now sold.

Sweet Cathedral


Further adventures in using sweet wrappers and sheers. A modern twist on the traditional cathedral window design. 18" x 24 " £100

Out of the Blue. 


A textured piece made for the Out of the Fold exhibition in Oct 2011.A view of the English Countryside from a plane window. My 'View from the blue'   18" x 54" £150

Out of the Blue - close-up

Celtic Quality Street


Cellophane wrappers, sheers and felt. Stitched and burnt. NFS

Celtic Quality Street Close-up

Sweetie Stained Glass 


My family nobly ate their way through boxes of sweets so that I could use the cellophane wrappers along with synthetic sheers to create this piece. Stitched then marked with a soldering iron.

Blue Batik

Silk Squares

Delicate detailed silk painting is definitely not my forte but when the colours began to bleed I helped it along with a scraper and stitched the result  into squares.


Blue Lutradur

A piece made at a workshop with Kim Thittichai using painted lutradur, tyvek and sheers. Stitched and cut back with a soldering iron.  


Copper Spirals

A favourite piece made from layers of sheers on a piece cotton base, machine stitched and heat gunned. 


Lutradur Spirals

Light weight lutradur painted and then coloured gesso used ot create dark spiral resists. Stitched then heatgunned.


Paper pages

A combination of newspaper, lining paper and others coloured with inks paints and markal ready to stitch.


Laminated Layers

Newspaper and magazine images torn up and laminated to a sheer using matt medium. Added net. Stitched.

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