Mary McIntosh - Textile Artist
Mary McIntosh - Textile Artist

New work created in 2023

'Cross Words'


Made for the Out of the Fold exhibition 'Unfolding' in October 2023 and also shown as part of my solo show 'Playing with Pojagi' at Snape Maltings in 2023


Not for sale. This piece will be repurposed. 

'Dallinghoo Hoard'


Inspired by the discovery of 840 Iceni coins in Suffolk and made for the CQ Iceni exhibition in Sept 2023


Monoprinting and Pojagi style piecing



'To be totally honest'


Using the Pojagi pecing mehod o showcase the hand embroidered pieces originally stitched by Maureen Condon and discovered in a roll of donated fabrics.


Made for the 'Gone to Seed' challenge for STARS and exhibited as part of the 'Playing with Pojagi' exhibition in October 2023



'Transfer of Affections'


Using blue embroidery transfers discovered whilst clearing out my Mother's house.

Partially hand stitched and pieced using the Pojagi technique.


Originally made for the Spotlight Textiles exhibition in April 2023



'White Collar Work' 


Pojagi piecing to show off my collection of vintage lace and collars. Includes a piece of lace from my Great Grandmother's bloomers too.


Made for the Spotlight Textiles exhibition in April 2023 and also exhibited as part of my solo exhibition 'Playing with Pojagi' in October 2023




New work created in 2022

Wool- Cotton - Silk pieces made for exhibition in October 2022  £150 each or £400 for three

'Crazy Notions' set of hangings


£100 each or £300 for set of four

'Pattern of Life' using dress pattern tissue.


'To Have and to Hold' series inspired by a wedding dress tissue pattern from 1962 found when clearing my Mother's house.


Exhibited as part of 'Monochrome' with ut of the Fold in September 2022 and again as part of my solo show at Snape Maltings in October 2022

"Pargetting" made originally for the Spotlight on......East Anglia exhibition at Snape Maltings in April 2022.

Exhibited again as part of 'Wool - Cotton - Silk' 


Now sold

'Adjustment' made for the Norfolk Makers Festival 2022
Weld - Logwood - Madder Made for Stitch 21 exhibition Now sold
'Pargetting' set of vessels 2022
Now sold 'Uncharted' made for the Contemporary Quilt travelling exhibition 2022

New work created in 2020

'Picking Up the Threads' piece inspired by the weaving of silk velvet. 6" wide x 160" long in a continous loop. Made for the Out of the Fold exhibition in May 2020 (now postponed to 2021). This piece was shortlisted in the Quilt Creations section of the Festival of Quilts virtual gallery 2020

'Drawn by a thread' (detail) inspired by the creation of nap in the weaving of cloth. This piece will be exhibited as part of the Out of the Fold exhibition in May 2021

'Fragmentation' made for the 2020 CQ challenge. Inspired by the idea of shards falling from a frame. This will be exhibited as part of the Contemporary Quilt touring exhibition from 2020 - 2022

Putting on the Glitz. Started as a workshop demonstration piece. 

Watery Glitz. Started as a demo piece. Metallic paint, bonded sheers, transfoils and glitter film.

Woodworks- pink trees. Number one in a new series. 

Bury St Edmunds Abbey (detail shown) was founded in 1020. This piece was made for the Out of the Fold exhibition in 2020 celebrating the 1000 year anniversary. 

Piece made for the Quilters Guild AGM 2021 which will be hosted by the Suffolk and Essex region. Inspired by the Sutton Hoo mask.

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