Mary McIntosh - Textile Artist
Mary McIntosh - Textile Artist

New work created in 2017 to 2019


'The Next Hundred Years' piece made for the Tin Hut exhibition. The group wished to mark the centenary of some women receiving the right to vote in 1918. My work highlights the work still to be done to acheive true equality. Laminated newsprint, stitched and painted. 

Hexperiment III

Repurposed from Hexperiment II whihc hung outside at The Museum of East Anglian Life in the summer of 2017. Handstitched hexagons over newspaper,weathered and rusted. Installation using hooks and eyes. 

Calico, stitched, painted, dyed, discharged and cut with dyed fabric insertions Colour Wheel of Time made for the Guild Challenge at Festival of Quilts 2018

Opinion(s)ated was made for the CQ 'In Print' exhibition 2018. It is the winner of the Anne Task award.

Opinion(s)ated detail

The Copper Bleach triptych was made for Festival of Quilts 2017. This piece is now sold.

Copper Bleach 2017
Copper Bleach (detail)
Out of this world III
Out of this world II

Series of work inspired by my Northumbrian Granny who made mats from recycled fabrics. This is my version using recycled calico. Stitched, cut and dyed.

Out of the North East - clippie
Out of the North East - proggie
Out of the North East - hookie

The Out of the North East series was exhibited at Textiles East in February 2018.



Thatcher to May - Forty Years of Progress

A piece made for the Spotlight at 40 Gallery at The Festival of Quilts 2019 to represent Region 8 Suffolk and Essex. This work has now gone into the permanent collection of The Quilters Guild.


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